Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This just in,

I wear ordinary clothes and I put on ordinary makeup

I order easily off menus and rarely confound the waiter with my eclectic choices

I can be tracked easily in the "norms" range during a yearly physical in my height, weight and eye color

Even the DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles) lady yawns when she enters my stats in her computer and takes my picture

No one will ever feel compelled to write my biography based on my scintillating "different ness"

I pride myself on being different but really? I am never the first to
name my child after a fruit

or buy the latest style

or own the newest cell phone

new shoes?

I'm there!

Oh wait a minute....

so is everybody else

I am only one cow in a large stampeding herd of fashionistas

We all end up following the same colors and skirt lengths and buttons and well, never mind...

I am never going to be popular by writing about this.
Apparently my eccentricities are mundane except to me!

Women need their "fashion cloak" like birds need feathers...I guess its all part of identifying and belonging.

I would love to fit in with that concept. I love new clothes and beautiful textures, but alas, when you get right down to it, I am a fashion flunkie.

I commit the ultimate sin

I buy off the shelf

I need to further confess that I am not really sure who

Manolo Blahnik is...

There isn't a poster on the wall at Shoes R Us that covers that

I shop at outlet stores and thrift shops and only feel I am in deep disastrous fashion waters if I catch myself in a Dollar Store looking at a blouse and saying "well isn't that cute!"

So as unique and wonderfully "individualized" I may find myself in my own head. The truth is sigh, ..

my distinctiveness isn't bubbling to the surface in any jaw dropping kind of way

I'm not sure but this may be a good time to go ahead and confess that I subscribe to Oprahs RSS feed to help me find my best life, I let Dr Phil solve all my emotional problems, "The Doctors" show gives me and a hundred million other viewers health care answers
I also watched the Bachelor oh and um...the Greatest Race.

Wow. I am



( a misfit)

(all of the above)

i.e.; ordinary

and in today's far out and freaky world...

could that qualify as extraordinary?


  1. You are the norm AND YET you are unique. When you aren't in a room with people you know- they feel your absence.

    I think being ordinary in THIS world is indeed extra ordinary-kind of a breath of fresh air.

    You have a great sense of humor, girl.

  2. i concur, she has a great sense of humor and i love reading all of her above average takes on life.