Monday, May 9, 2011

My Journal

Hello blank peice of paper

first page in my journal

I intend to write on you

to chronicle the life and death struggle of emotion

that constitutes my daily life

The failed marriage

the struggling kids

the aging parent

the new found independance

the new job

the new love interest

all of it

I intend to write here

so beware my brand new

and dare I say brave

new journal

you are in for the ride of a lifetime

you will hold my secrets

my fears and dissappointments

my dreans

you will be the Bible of my life course

as told in words

Your binding is strong

the paper secure

pen is poised

and so I begin


  1. Love the it. It takes abuse, it cradles our tears and closes tight to hold our secrets.

    Very inspiring!

  2. Perfect tribute to the journal. For all we abuse and traumatize them they could do with a little praise

  3. LOVE IT! indie, i feel like we're so similar in the way we think -- our poetic minds AND maternal and child health. you are awesome

  4. I really enjoyed this, I must admit I feel sorry for my journal. Poor thing must be totally traumatized :-P

  5. Lovely Start.. Keep writing, the more you do the easier it becomes.