Thursday, July 22, 2010

Now That I Know You Exist

Your presence in my life began much the way dreams do

a slow foggy half awake beckoning of the soul

it made the world seem calmer and more thrilling
all at the same time

that new found knowledge was like pulling a blanket up over my shoulders
on a cold winter night

The line of demarcation that had formerely defined me

no longer fell on such mundane lines

as day of birth
starting school
moving to a new house

or any of the other former measures
that had come before

the lines commmonly used to decide
when ones life takes a significant turn

now falls with great impact
on when I first knew about you

versus when I did not

that miraculous moment when I began to look at the world
through anothers set of eyes
peering out of me inwardly

your eyes

your thoughts

your viewpoint

as though it were mine

pudding proof that I had assimilated your world view in with my own

where it now rests on the puffed comfortable couch of my heart

beside my own unique thoughts and feelings

a space where I can have a running inner dialogue at any moment

an effortless free flowing stream of consciousness conversation

about anything at all

knowing all my thoughts are safe in your hands

the world may notice a new, crackling energy in me

or perhaps

a secret far away smile

as I wait patiently in a long line

seeming as though I have been transported far away.

It is true

I have

to that secret place inside of me where your spirit and mine

now reside


knowing you


changed my world.

I know love

because it defines you

and I


  1. Thanks JW. What do you think the writer is thinking of?

    A lover? A new child? God? I would be curious to hear thoughts on this!


  2. A new child.

    Amazing words any way.

    Thank you for the beautiful moon photo.