Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Idea of Staying

When your boss has lost his mind

when your husband seems to have joined him

when the smell of your kids hair at night as you tuck them in

isn't enough anymore

and yet

you stay

Women stay when men cannot

Some biological wiring?


Whatever it is

we women are good at it

we have perfected it

The idea expressed as art

The art of staying

As Moses stilled the Red Sea by lifting his arms

We women still the sea of restlessness the world provides

we come home each day

we absorb the cacophony of a thousand voices

our husbands and children have heard in that day

and somewhere

between baths and bedtime

we make an inward decision

to reflect a calm we do not feel

and after "Goodnight Moon" has been read

the locked door has been checked twice

and the last load of laundry is humming in the dryer

we sink into bed

searching with questioning toes for the seam at the bottom of our sheets

and as we turn over and surrender to sleep

one more day has passed its test

as have we
we stayed.


  1. Isn't this Truth...

    You've captured the Essence of Motherhood here as well as Love in its pure form. For me it is inseperable.

    Beautiful Post!

  2. Thank you SO much Alaska.

    Arent comments the best?

    I love hearing from other people!


  3. Indie, how beautiful and so true, a mother's love and endurance.

    You ARE a thinker. :) A deep thinker. As Monk would say about HIS gift, it is a blessing and a curse. I think that about my deep thoughts, blessing and curse.

    Great post.

  4. WOW Indie, I can't describe what you wrote. You really do have a writers' blood.

    I started wondering since the last time I was here. She may be an author of a book I don't know of ?? Now, I'm asking you, Are you an Author. Or Just not yet.

  5. this is incredible!!!!!
    it's not like making money offa your writing makes it more worthwhile or anything......but i so think this should be submitted everywhere and you should get paid big bucks for this. it so hits deep!!!!

  6. You all are wonderful!

    Thank you so much - I really appreciate deeply the encouragment.

    No Syaf I dont have any published books. I won a spot in a calender two years running and I have written for a paper and I do a lot of ghost writing for people - speeches and such.

    I have 3 (yes...I know...) books (manuscripts) lurking in long hand no less.....

    1)Has the beginning and the end written but the middle is giving me trouble :>)

    2) Is only an outline

    3) Has the first chapter finished and I am very proud of it. It is everything I want it to be and says what I want it to. Im just stuck after that!

    I walk around all day writing in my head. Like JW said "its a curse/blessing?"

    Thanks again everyone. You all are the best!!!


  7. Then I'll be waiting for the first book to see the light. I won't get it though without your signature :).

  8. good luck on everything..

    beautiful style.


  9. Interesting input.Well written life about a woman !

  10. your words are deep.

    women are of the greatest human being in many ways.

    welcome join us again this week.

  11. bless you, how are you?

    join us if you can, old poems are okay.