Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Standing under glistening stars
I think of you
you the taker

you appeared to give charm
but your true role was to take
and so you did

you took money
you took children
you took dreams
that we talked about
long into the night
cuddled under covers
the moon shining in observance

you shattered trust
you stole idealism
you took everything
you thought you could

I stand here now under the same night sky
and my thoughts linger on you
the loser of my life
the taker
the harsh life lesson of knowing you

I look up up where the stars reside
dancing in their merry pattern
that existed long before
and you

I once loved you
and then after the long convoluted tale
of me and you had ended
I hated you
I really did
but tonight
under a frosty sky
that blurs the stars as it does my remembrance
I think of you

I finally see your unforgiving heart

in the limitless infinity of night sky

your limitations stand in stark contrast

there were glimpses
even when we were together
but I laughed them off
so sure I was of the power
of my love for you

no longer!

I have moved past the jailed subjugation of knowing you
reluctantly I understand
your power lives only in my mind

so under this starry frosty sky
where millions of people must be gazing
their thoughts and prayers
winging upwards
just like mine

I release you

you fly out of my heart
like the inept captive bird
that you always really were.

My face is cold with the settling frost
but my heart is warm
You are doing the best you can
I know that now

But you were never meant for my world
and I was never meant for yours
and for that

I release you.


  1. Very nice. Very deep, visual, and personal.

  2. This is a living prayer my friend...

    I've been here as perhaps many of us have been, in many types of relationships. You've captured in a poignant way the freedom we find in letting go.

    Very Beautiful and Heartfelt!
    Happy Holidays...

  3. Thank you both!

    Funny, I have gotten a few emails asking if this was written about X (a man) or maybe if not him then Q?(also male)

    The truth is this was not written about any man I have ever had a relationship with. In fact nowhere in the poem is the connotation of "male" definite.

    I say that to say this:
    the most wonderful thing I personally love about any poetry written by anyone, is that unlike other writing forms, it comes from such a primal place in ones self. Undiluted by the addition of many words and descriptions, it is left free to the imagination of each reader. Poetry simply becomes what you see it as.

    When I read a poem, it rarely occurs to me that what I am gleaning from it is probably not what the next person will, or the next.

    That is the fascination of reading poetry.