Friday, December 10, 2010


There once was a girl who saw too much and ran far inside herself
And when she could run no more she stopped
and leaning against the wall of tiredness and defeat
she sank and huddled down
All was still
except somewhere deep inside was that little girl
Still looking
That kind of look that makes you stare at the screen when the movies over and the
screen has faded to black
The kind that makes you stretch your eyes wider to cross a room in a darkness like pitch
Even knowing that wont help you see
Into this infinite nothingness she stared as she curled against that wall waiting
In spite of the looking and waiting it still caught her unaware
when it came
this mind numbing joyous light
Gently surrounding her
changing her
It warmed her light dimmed soul
And she became it
this fire
Small and crackling
Soothing and warm
And then bigger
And irrepressible
Impossible to ignore
A long overdue conflagration
of thoughts and feelings and ideas
and love
And whether made uncomfortable by her heat or drawn
by its warmth
people gazed at her fire


  1. ooooooooh, gave me chills! Love this! You know, I think I know that little girl (and both the feeling of "too much" and the one of "overdue conflagration") - blessings on both those little girls!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. So beautiful, Indie. This poem hits home for me too because I think I was once this little. Someone who had to find her own light and let it shine into the darkness all around her.

    You are gifted word master!!!

  3. I love the fire that pours from your incredible writings! You always touch my spirit Indie!

    Happy Holidays...

  4. standing ovation~! loved this!

  5. Thank you all so much.
    This one is very personal to me so I am glad you all liked it.


  6. Sweet & precious- ;)

  7. one can never ignore a small fire.
    beautiful inspirations.

    Happy Rally.


  8.'s hoping that I can be engulfed by similar flames

  9. powerful images here! beautiful inspirations! :)

    Rally Week 41 - My Poetry