Monday, July 9, 2012

Glimpse Of A Day

Alarm clock

beeping a reverse lullaby   
Coffee brewing

sounds and smells of the day

lights turning on to block out a pink sky

sleepy little heads rubbed to awake

asphalt and tires mix

with fog
phones jingle faxes rattle

computers hum

people color the in between moments


the aroma of dinner

tv casting rainbows around the walls

baths and soft pajamas
stories read


lights turned off to let in the stars

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Is A Woman

What Is A Woman

Is it her smile
Her ability to procreate
swaying hips and big lips
or is it her staying power
baby sick
accounts overdrawn

when he turns to her as he walks out the door
her steady smile
fueling him

Is it her soft touch
on the pillow each night
of her young
that which helps them grow
like vitamins for the soul

or maybe that smile of letting go
when her job is done
her young unsure
but knowing they must leave

the steady look in her eyes
that says yes
leave me and fly

carry yourself far
for that is what I dreamed for you
way long ago
while I rocked you in my arms

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


That magical canvas of the mind

Images sliding morphing seamlessly

free flowing ink blots

where thoughts run free

of daylight

a warm syrupy mix of feelings and impressions


telling you who you are

each morning we awake
shrug them off

their stardust residue

slides from our shoulders

we go out to face another day.