Saturday, May 29, 2010

And So I Begin. Again,

My computer crashed and I lost most of what I had written.

For two days I wandered around hugging a pillow and feeling sick inside.

My computer nerd guy (ever compassionate those types huh?) merely said "if you wrote it once you can write it again"

well that rankled...I mean what am I? some kind of human back up disk?

my words are carefully chosen works of art

I love the line by Oscar Wilde, where he said

“This morning I took out a comma and this afternoon I put it back in again.”

writing happens in fits and spurts and is hard won

I cant believe I never made a back up of something I considered precious

so here I am

all my lost and (carefully crafted I might add) words are gone

all my favorite quotes and sayings. All my brilliant moments


ok, maybe I am not a Michelangelo with words, but

It is like my words were road dust and I was put through an involuntary car wash

so I will start again

after all what does anyone do after a disaster?

they start anew

they build better



so AMEN to my expired hard drive

and HELLO to my new one

may I make you worthy of honesty and truth

Heaven knows there can always be more of it

so I begin again


  1. May I lecture? Our words are too precious to lose. I promise you that I cannot recreate every thing I once did. Example a poem I wrote about a young girl. Not only am I a writer I am a techie (IT person) and I will tell you BACK UP to more than one media.

    I say it with love in my heart. ;) Oh and I feel your pain.

  2. oh what a loss - heart breaking - mourn with tenderness thinking of you with compassion