Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Friendships

Friendships are a fragile and beautiful thing

A thread felt not seen

wraps mysteriously around you

drawing you both together

you explore your commons

and admire your differences

the veneers of your outer self peel away

replaced by layers of trust

one at a time

until what you have in common

is more than what you don't

you now exchange thoughts with a glance or a laugh

maybe a raised brow or a shrug

thus is the language of friends

the level of trust flowing as deeply as iron ore

you are my friend

and I am yours


  1. THIS is poetry of the day! I love it!!! Very inspired and of the soul. Even though we've never met, I consider you my friend.


  2. Clapping. I just waved goodbyes to some friends.
    its an honor to be your friend. just promise to give me home made cookies :) .

  3. Thank you JW for being such a wonderful mentor.


    Homemade cookies for you, of course!