Friday, April 22, 2011

And late at night

the little perfect girl
read all alone

she read of sailing ships
and far away jungles
filled with exotic animals
and shrouded in mists
as vague as the future

And her life spun on

a gossamer thread
running like quicksilver
sometimes fast
sometimes barely creeping
its way

Others joined her lifes
spinning thread

a husband
and two children
both with their own threads
spinning off on their own life dance

her mates thread ran out before hers
leaving her once again


and she read
late at night

books of people traveling
and high seas of adventure
and her memory tingled
a frisson of connection
traveling that long spun life cord
back to that little

and her pillow shimmered
with tears for all she wanted to be
before she got caught
in the captive net of others opinions

she understood it all now

her thread
and others

that she still was
that little girl

that perfection
lies in being

that books are travel guides
for the imagination
to rehearse your mind
for what is possible
when you are ready for it

and so she set off
to see these places of books
romantic and far away
and found it was all true
all of it
and that the earth really is round

this time her future held no vague mists

when she looked ahead
the future was bathed in
the clear perfect light found only in
a late afternoon

that bright steady radiance
that holds the promise of forever
before it compromises into a glorious burst of sunset
that spreads welcoming arms to the darkness


  1. uplifting words.
    magical writing..

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  3. This is really quite good Don't we all wish we would realize our threads before life takes us where it wishes, it is so hard to once you realize that you did not go back and go where you really wanted to go a long time ago..



  4. Beautiful imagery - very inspiring!

  5. What beautiful verse. I love the imagery of

    a husband
    and two children
    both with their own threads
    spinning off on their own life dance

    just magical and what a journey :)